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  1. Testing @font-face Support on Mobile and Tablet

    Fantastic research from the BBC mobile team on @font-face support (and quirks!) for mobile and tablet devices.

  2. display: none;

    Laura Kalbag with a great reminder to not simply hide content from small screens in responsive designs

  3. The Future of CSS Layout

    Zoe Gillenwater (@zomigi)¬†gives a great look at all the cool layout-related CSS stuff we’ll soon be neck deep in.

  4. How we learned to leave default font-size alone and embrace the em

    The Filament Group (@filamentgroup) explains their rationale for leaving the default font-size alone as pixels become less and less important for multi-screen web design.

  5. Big, Brainy CSS

    The folks over at Gridset have a new blog, in which they talk about verbose CSS and the challenges of framework CSS and file size.

  6. A quick tip for Internet Explorer styles using LESS

    Andy Clarke explains how he uses LESS to deal with Internet Explorer versions less than 9, which of course don’t support media queries

  7. eCSSential: Making responsive CSS load the way it should

    Unfortunately, CSS that doesn’t initially (or ever) get used still gets download. Scott Jehl (@scottjehl) comes up with a little Javascript solution to keep your CSS relevant and fast-loading

  8. Setting Breakpoints in Responsive Designs

    To be more bulletproof, breakpoints should be based on the design and content.

    A nice reminder to let the content, not device widths, determine the breakpoints in a responsive design. Although it would be nice to see the media queries set in relative units and the styles set mobile-first, it’s still a good reminder.

  9. Supporting Mobile-First Styles in IE with SASS

    Jake Archibald demonstrates how to use SASS 3.2 to serve up desktop styles for IE < 9, which as we all know don’t support media queries.

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