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  1. The Responsive Designer

    Absolutely gorgeous slides and insights about lessons learned from building responsively.

  2. Let's get more responsive

    Here’s Ryan Swarts (@swartsr) ¬†with a nice presentation about responsive design, it’s opportunities and its challenges.

  3. Rebuilding a university homepage to be "responsive". Twice. In less than a year.

    Erik Runyon (@erunyon) discusses Notre Dame’s thinking behind their responsive homepage redesigns. He discusses a lot of valuable techniques like building mobile first, utilizing RESS, focusing performance and more.

  4. Responsive Enhancement by Jeremy Keith

    Jeremy Keith talking sense, progressive enhancement and responsive web design

  5. Building Responsive Layouts presentation at Responsive Web Design Summit

    Zoe M. Gillenwater (@zomigi) provides a boatload of useful responsive design resources to go along with her excellent presentation.

  6. Getting Down & Dirty with Responsive Web Design

    Humorous presentation giving an overview of responsive web design.

  7. Building Bendable Content

    A Content Strategist on why the future responsive web needs content focused IA and how to create content that flows like water (slideshare).

    3 steps toward more bendable content:

    - Get closer to content

    - Go from pages to parts

    - Rule the robots

  8. RWD: The Specs Behind the Sex

    Bruce Lawson (@brucel) gives a presentation of the nitty gritty behind the core components of responsive web design, and gives a . There’s also a video.

  9. Flexible Media in Responsive Web Design

    Excellent (and hilarious) presentation by Dave Rupert (@davatron5000) about responsive images and video.

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