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  1. display: none;

    Laura Kalbag with a great reminder to not simply hide content from small screens in responsive designs

  2. Five steps to gettin’ flexy in responsive web design

    Dave Rupert shares 5 responsive web tips:
    Surrender control and let go of ‘pixel-perfect’ design.
    Embrace fluidity.
    Think in terms of proportions rather than pixels.
    Use min-width (aka build mobile-first)
    Use relative units, not pixel-based units.

  3. Separate Mobile Website Vs. Responsive Website

    The debate rages on: to create a separate mobile site or to create a responsive site? Mitt Romney made a separate mobile website. Barack Obama made a responsive site. I go through in detail the differences between the two approaches.

  4. Making of: People Magazine's Responsive Mobile Website

    A marvelous post by Josh Clark about the recently-launched responsive mobile site for People Magazine.

  5. Lessons for devs from a responsive build

    Some good considerations to keep in mind when creating a responsive website.

  6. 10 Things to Consider When Creating a Responsive Web Design

    Excellent considerations laid out by the BBC’s responsive team. All of them hit the nail on the head.

  7. Notes to an Agency Starting Their First Responsive Web Project

    Chris Coyier with some nice tips for people and companies just getting started with responsive web design.

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