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  1. Techcrunch | Brad Frost Web

    The Atomic Design process for the new responsive TechCrunch site.

  2. Skinny Ties and responsive eCommerce

    This is a fantastic case study for responsive design. After launching their new site they found:

    • 42.4% revenue growth across all channels
    • 377.6% revenue growth for iPhone
    • 13.6% conversion rate increase
    • 71.9% conversion rate increase for iPhone
    • 23.2% bounce rate lowered by
    • 44.6% visit duration increased by

    Those are some massive, massive numbers. Great fodder for proving that responsive design works.

  3. Web Designer Depot Redesigned

    Trendy design, but all that parallax and hidden sidebar content makes the page weigh 3.34MB, and you can feel the sluggish performance throughout.

  4. The design thinking behind the new

    Some of the design thinking behind the new responsive

  5. Responsive Design case study and Style Guide

    Extremely comprehensive case study for a responsive design with accompanying style guide.

  6. Making of: People Magazine's Responsive Mobile Website

    A marvelous post by Josh Clark about the recently-launched responsive mobile site for People Magazine.

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