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  1. 8 Guidelines and 1 Rule for Responsive Images

    Jason Grigsby's ideal scenario for responsive image processes and tools.

  2. Responsive background images with fixed or fluid aspect ratios

    Great look at how to preserve aspect ratios of background images for responsive designs.

  3. Responsive Images Community Group Github

    The Responsive Images Community Group has a dedicated Github account and soon a new website.

  4. Easy retina-ready images using SCSS

    Good look at a basic mixin that makes defining hi-res background-images pretty easy.

  5. Rundown of Handling Flexible Media

    Chris Coyier rounds up the latest techniques to handle flexible images, videos and audio.

  6. The Road to Responsive Images

    A summary of the journey towards the official W3C specification for responsive images.

  7. Unicon: A Grunt.js plugin for managing and delivering sharp icons to all devices

    Creating sharp-looking icons and background images in our client work has always been more complicated than we want it to be, and with the growing popularity of higher-definition screens, it’s only getting harder. CSS sprites have traditionally worked alright, but they can be a pain to manage, are often difficult to use in CSS layouts, and require generating and serving multiple fixed-pixel sizes. Icon fonts are a nice too, but they cause problems in some of the popular mobile environments we need to support, they aren’t easy to manage for custom-designed icons, and they’re limited to a single color.

  8. How do you pick responsive images breakpoints?

    Jason Grisby on setting image breakpoints independently to layout breakpoints. 

  9. Towards a Retina Web

    Some nice tips and techniques on creating resolution-independent web experiences.

  10. Why HTML5 urgently needs an HTML adaptive images mechanism

    Bruce Lawson explains why the adaptive images problem needs solved soon.

  11. Responsive images: what's the problem, and how do we fix it?

    Excellent overview of the “knotty” problem of responsive images by Matt Wilcox (@MattWilcox)

  12. Flexible Media in Responsive Web Design

    Excellent (and hilarious) presentation by Dave Rupert (@davatron5000) about responsive images and video.

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