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  1. Responsive Navigation: Optimizing for Touch Across Devices

    Luke Wroblewskit (@lukew) and Jason Weaver (@mrjasonweaver) demonstrate how to optimize navigation to take touch and ergonomics into account.

  2. Big Menus, Small Screens: Responsive, Multi-Level Navigation

    A great tutorial on how to create a multi-toggle navigation. Check out more complex navigation patterns as well.

  3. Complex Navigation Patterns for Responsive Design

    One of the biggest questions I get about responsive design is “How do I handle complex/multi-level navigation?” This is my attempt to answer that question.

  4. Building a Responsive, Mobile-First Navigation Menu

    A nice tutorial demo of a complex navigation by Saddam Azad (@azadcreative).

  5. Microsoft's Responsive Homepage

    Microsoft is sporting a new responsive homepage. Nice handling of a multi-level navigation

  6. Multi-Level Responsive Navigation - Let's Try

    Michael Scharnagl (@justmarkup) demonstrates the “priority +” pattern as a nice solution for complex navigation. See it in action and check out other responsive navigation patterns.

  7. Crush Path

    Nice design that utilizes the footer anchor navigation pattern, but adds an animated scroll and super chunky footer links for maximum tappability. It also looks really nice on large screens.

  8. An alternative to select elements as navigation in narrow viewports

    Roger Johansson (@rogerjohansson), one of the masters of accessibility, weighs in on responsive navigation and why the select responsive navigation pattern should be avoided.

  9. Build a smart mobile navigation without hacks

    Aaron Gustafson (@aarongustafson) brilliantly walks through how to create a mobile-first, responsive and accessible navigation.

  10. Responsive Fixmystreet

    A neat little responsive site that, as Jeremy Keith points out, takes a content-first, navigation-second approach, utilizing a little display: table-caption trick that Jeremy demonstrated.

  11. New Responsive Site

    The new official Georgia government site is now responsive, however it’s using the "hide n’ cry" method of responsive navigation.

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