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  1. LukeW | Responsive Web Design Performance

  2. What are Responsive Websites made of?

    Guy Podjarny deconstructs the performance of 500 responsive sites and finds that:

    • The responsive sites tested (1.2MB) were lighter than average (1.4MB)
    • The average page size and requests (41) don’t vary much across screen sizes. 
  3. Responsible Web Design

    Jordan Moore on the elements of Responsible Web Design – context-sensitive interactions, performance and progressive enhancement.

  4. Prioritizing Performance in Responsive Design

    Brad Frost with some tips on speeding up websites.

  5. SocialCount

    A lightweight alternative to loading in bulky social icons that works better across platforms.

  6. Performance and Responsive Web Design

    Zach Leatherman gives a great overview of many techniques to optimize responsive sites for performance.

  7. Responsive Web Design is bad for performance. There, I said it.

    Guy Podjarny (@guypod) explains how responsive sites are and will always be less performant than bare-bones dedicated mobile sites. But that’s no reason to stop making responsive sites. 

  8. Performance Implications of Responsive Design

    Essential reading. Guy Podjarny (@guypod) lays out how essential performance is for responsive web design. The current landscape is depressing and Guy provides some great advice on how to make performance on responsive websites much better.

  9. Southstreet by Filament Group

    Scott Jehl of the Filament Group just released a treasure chest of tools to help create highly-performant adaptive web experiences. The concepts and patterns presented here are the future of responsive web design.

  10. Debunking Responsive CSS Performance Myths

    Ilya Grigorik gives an in-depth look at some of the performance issues facing responsive sites. Stick around for the comments where Scott Jehl, who’s been deep in the woods with regards to responsive performance, shines some light on these issues.

  11. eCSSential: Making responsive CSS load the way it should

    Unfortunately, CSS that doesn’t initially (or ever) get used still gets download. Scott Jehl (@scottjehl) comes up with a little Javascript solution to keep your CSS relevant and fast-loading

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