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  1. Client Relationships and the Multi-Device Web

  2. Responsive Design Workflow

    A new book by the master of responsive workflow, Stephen Hay.

  3. Fashionably Flexible Responsive Web Design

    Andy Clarke’s presentation from his responsive web design workshop yesterday. It covers his “post-PC” design process, responsive patterns and implementation tips.

  4. The Responsive Designer

    Absolutely gorgeous slides and insights about lessons learned from building responsively.

  5. Responsive Design with Paper

    An interesting technique: print out the site, cut out each component and arrange the pieces to construct the small screen view.

  6. Responsive Comping: Obtaining Signoff with Mockups

    Matt Griffin (@elefontpress) gives some excellent insight into working in a world without mockups.

  7. The design thinking behind the new

    Some of the design thinking behind the new responsive

  8. A New Responsive

    Trent Walton (@trentwalton) tells the story behind the new responsive homepage.

  9. The Story of the New

    Nishant Kothary (@rainypixels) gives an in-depth look to the new responsive homepage redesign. Some great stuff in here.

  10. How we built MSN UK's responsive Olympics site

    A great look into the design process for MSN’s Olympics site. Lots of insight into layout, carousel functionality, and more.

  11. Making of: People Magazine's Responsive Mobile Website

    A marvelous post by Josh Clark about the recently-launched responsive mobile site for People Magazine.

  12. Responsive Design in Business Survey

    Sarah Parmenter (@sazzy) created a survey to gauge how web designers are integrating responsive design into their businesses and processes. I’m excited to see the results!

  13. Say Hello to The New ISO Homepage

    Andy Clarke (@malarkey) and David Roessli (@roessli) helped redesign the new International Organization for Standardization website. Andy walks through the process and even provides downloadable reference designs.

  14. How Much Does a Responsive Web Design Cost

    I attempt to answer the age-old question: how much does a responsive design cost?

    TL;DR; answer: $13.47.

  15. BBC TV Channel Homepages: Responsive Design

    The BBC television team explains why they went down the responsive road, how they implemented it, what lessons they learned and what their next steps are. This is a great read.

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