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  1. Designing In The Transition To A Multi-Device World

    A comprehensive Smashing Mag article by Francisco Inchauste – in this transition phase, look at what others are doing but choose your own path when designing responsive sites. I also love this advice: “designing responsively doesn’t change the fundamentals.”

  2. Fashionably Flexible Responsive Web Design

    Andy Clarke’s presentation from his responsive web design workshop yesterday. It covers his “post-PC” design process, responsive patterns and implementation tips.

  3. Preparing Websites For The Unexpected

    To ask “what makes content mobile-friendly?” misses the point. Ask instead, “what makes content flexible?” and we address many problems at once. 

  4. Has Responsive Design solved Mobile?

    Another post that misses the point of responsive design. Responsive design doesn’t “solve” mobile just as a hammer doesn’t solve homelessness. This perspective is from yet another company whose products are in jeopardy as more organizations begin to recognize the advantages of responsive design.

  5. Mobile Apps: The Trouble With Using 'Responsive Design'

    An article that attempts to debunk responsive web design, which is written by an author who works at a company that creates proxy mobile solutions. Of course they’re a little biased.

  6. Responsive CSS Framework Comparison

    Excellent table that breaks down Bootstrap, Foundation and Skeleton.

  7. In mobile-centric Africa, Responsive Web Design just makes business sense!

    In markets such as Kenya, research from the likes of the Communications Commission of Kenya (CCK) suggests that over 90% of Internet access in Kenya is happening via the mobile channel

    Great read about how responsive web design can bring a better web to more mobile-centric markets like Africa.

  8. Responsive design at the Guardian: an introduction

    The Guardian weighs in on their responsive web design initiatives, including what sounds like planting the seed for a responsive future.

    The responsive aspect of the project is still fairly brief – our initial goal is simply to update the Guardian’s current mobile website. Eventually we aim to scale up to handle resolutions up to desktop width, but this goal is a while away yet.

  9. Blame the implementation, not the technique

    Tim Kladlec (@tkadlec) explains how it’s not about the tools, but how we use them.

    When someone builds a 4MB responsive site, blame the implementation. There is no reason why a responsive design can’t perform well. If you take the time to carefully build from a base experience up, only loading assets as needed and using patterns like the anchor include pattern to keep things light along the way, a responsive site can look beautiful and load quickly.

  10. The Responsive Design Myth

    Newsflash: responsive web design won’t solve all of your problems (nor did it ever claim to). There are a lot more considerations that goes into creating an amazing adaptive web experience, namely ubiquity, flexibility, performance, enhancement, and future-friendly.

  11. Hello, World! This Site Is Now Responsive (If You Care)

    Val Head looks at how you should announce the launch of a new responsive site. 

  12. Opt Out Responsive Design?

    Chris Coyier tackles a question that definitely pops up from time to time: “What if I prefer the desktop view?” With responsive sites, there’s no “full site” link because everything’s all under one roof. Chris demonstrates how you can essentially fake the “full site”.

  13. Managing user expectations in responsive design

    A great read by Rian van der Merwe about real world mobile users who are used to being served a mobile version of a site. Ultimately, it comes down to this: users don’t care how a site is constructed. They do care when they can’t accomplish the task at hand. Act accordingly.

  14. Separate Mobile Website Vs. Responsive Website

    The debate rages on: to create a separate mobile site or to create a responsive site? Mitt Romney made a separate mobile website. Barack Obama made a responsive site. I go through in detail the differences between the two approaches.

  15. Responsive Design: Sensors, Systems, And Actuators

    An article discussing Mark Boulton’s A Responsive Experience thoughts about sensors, systems and actuators, as well as my thoughts about how responsive design is just the tip of the iceberg.

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