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  1. Building the Happy Cog Test Lab

    There are a few options for purchasing devices for your test lab. You can buy them brand new (required for getting the latest gear like the Microsoft Surface or the Nexus 7), used through eBay or Craigslist, or legitimate used from a reseller like Mobile Karma.

  2. Don’t confuse design testing with device testing

    Andy Clarke explains the difference between device and design testing. Device testing is testing responsive sites on devices for bugs and glitches in functionality, while design testing is ensuring that the design integrity holds up across multiple devices.

  3. Responsive Roulette

    Jordan Moore created a nifty tool that displays your design at a random viewport width. This is a great tool to facilitate moving away from using device dimensions to determine breakpoints and instead letting content determine breakpoints.

  4. Developing Responsive Designs With Opera Mobile Emulator

    Andrea Bovens demonstrates how to use Opera’s mobile emulators to design and test responsive experiences.

  5. Debugging CSS Media Queries

    A nice little technique to help with debugging your CSS and determining which media queries have fired. 

  6. How Long Do Mobile Browsers Last?

    Davey Blooman (@davey_blooman) looks at some considerations about what mobile browsers to concentrate on. Remember that these types of considerations vary wildly from project to project. Also, remember there is a difference between support and optimization.

  7. 10 Things to Consider When Creating a Responsive Web Design

    Excellent considerations laid out by the BBC’s responsive team. All of them hit the nail on the head.

  8. BBC Responsive Testing Tools

    The team behind the responsive BBC mobile site gives us a glimpse into the tools they used for the job.

  9. Firefox 15 Will Include "Responsive Mode"

    Two new tools, ‘responsive mode’ and ‘layout view’, will be included with Firefox 15. Looks like a handy way to test responsive designs without having to drag the actual window.

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