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  1. Vexing Viewport

    Great article about the challenges of creating web experiences that work well across many devices that also have many different resolutions.

  2. ish.

    ish. is yet another viewport resizer. What’s with the name, you ask? Small-ish. Medium-ish. Large-ish. That’s the idea. Many have long been preaching to let content, not device widths determine breakpoints in responsive designs, so rather than determining several fixed breakpoints, ish. roughs out general ranges in order to better serve the entire resolution spectrum.

  3. Stop designing for fixed viewports!

    A reminder to let content, not device widths, determine breakpoints in responsive designs.

  4. IE10 Snap Mode and Responsive Design

    In Windows 8, there are two “modes” of use: Metro mode and classic mode. Metro mode sports the spiffy new UI while classic is the same old boring Windows of yore. When you run Internet Explorer 10 in Metro mode (the default) there’s a cool new feature that lets you “snap” a window to the side so you can use two simultaneously. This window, of course, is made to be far more narrow.

    Tim Kadlec beautifully explains how to get responsive layouts looking good in Windows 8’s Snap Mode.

  5. Viewport Meta Tag for Non-Responsive Design

    This article goes over how to utilize the viewport meta tag to make design adjustments even for sites that aren’t full-blown responsive. Remember, every little tweak to make sites more mobile friendly is a step in the right direction.

  6. A Pixel Is Not A Pixel

    PPK (@ppk) explains mobile viewports and all that goes into creating more resolution-independent web experiences.

  7. Stop using the viewport meta tag (until you know how to use it)

    Good write-up about the pitfalls of blindly including a viewport meta tag into your site. Sites that use HTML5 Boilerplate as a starting point can certainly be susceptible to this as the viewport meta tag is included by default.

  8. ReView

    Review is a tool created by Edward Cant that allows the viewport on a responsive site to be dynamically resized to achieve Opt Out Responsive Design

  9. Understanding Viewport

    Andrea Bovens (@andreasbovens) creates a handy little cheat sheet of many of the viewport meta tag configurations.

  10. A Misconception About window.orientation

    Matthew Gifford (@mattg) breaks down how many touch devices interpret window.orientation, which is certainly useful for responsive designers making design decisions around device orientation. 

  11. Understanding Viewport

    This is a set of simple HTML pages with various viewport and media query settings, that help me (and hopefully you as well) to better understand the working of the viewport meta tag and its @viewport CSS-based counterpart.

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