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  1. Responsive Design Workflow

    A new book by the master of responsive workflow, Stephen Hay.

  2. Designing In The Transition To A Multi-Device World

    A comprehensive Smashing Mag article by Francisco Inchauste – in this transition phase, look at what others are doing but choose your own path when designing responsive sites. I also love this advice: “designing responsively doesn’t change the fundamentals.”

  3. Improving Your Responsive Workflow with STYLE GUIDES

    Luke Brooker on the evolving responsive workflow and automating style guides to reduce friction in their creation. This presentation is in reveal.js so press the down keyboard arrow to delve deeper into categories.

  4. Responsive Design in Business Survey

    Sarah Parmenter (@sazzy) created a survey to gauge how web designers are integrating responsive design into their businesses and processes. I’m excited to see the results!

  5. Say Hello to The New ISO Homepage

    Andy Clarke (@malarkey) and David Roessli (@roessli) helped redesign the new International Organization for Standardization website. Andy walks through the process and even provides downloadable reference designs.

  6. Sketching a New Mobile Web

    Dennis Kardys (@dkardys) breaks down how to use sketching to shed outdated mental models and processes in order to create more adaptive, future-friendly experiences.

  7. Responsive Process

    Yellow Pencil lays out its responsive web design process in a handy little site.

  8. Design Process in the Responsive Age

    An interesting look at responsive design process, including a concept called “The Priority Guide”, a wireframe that helps establish priorities for mobile-first design.

  9. Responsive Workflow

    Viljami Salminen shares his responsive web design workflow.

    Sketch → prototype → design → test → discuss until it works

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